Marijuana Legalization In Italy: Pot Laws Eased For Growers Cultivating Medical Cannabis

Date: 14 Jan 19 posted by Christeson

Italian medical marijuana growers will make breathing a little easier. On Friday, Italy eased the penalty for those who violated the conditions to be a health professional, residents said. But if Italian pot lovers tried to grow cannabis for their personal use, they were warned.

"This does not decriminalize those growing weed on their terrace," said Justice Minister Andrea Orlando, according to the Local. Under the new bill, producers who are certified in violation of the Covenant will be fined, not a prison but a penalty. However, if someone tried to grow private cannabis without a permit, he would face a one-year prison sentence and a fine of 4 million euros.

New bill seems to reduce traffic jams in Italy's overwhelming judicial system and "make sanctions more effective," Orlando said, according to the Local.The relaxation of the marijuana law was part of a number of non-criminalized criminal lists to ease the pressures on the justice system. According to Reuters communications, the crime includes everything from obscene acts to driving without a license..

The law on marijuana for medical purposes would affect some people, mainly workers who were growing pots for the safety laboratories of the military installations in Florence. The government of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has declared that he has criminalized hundreds of crimes for mere administrative violations.

"It will free up courts from issues of little relevance," read a statement issued after a cabinet meeting, according to Reuters.

In Italy, mitigation of the marijuana law is encouraged. Medical cannabis was legalized in 2013 for people with a prescription and in July 2015 more than 250 legislators supported the proposal not to criminalize Italian marijuana. If cannabis is legal in Italy by the end of the year, a website has been created this week to recruit people to create a franchise pot shop.

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